Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paris Photo's

Back from Paris for a couple of weeks now and my pastry
cravings are just now starting to subside.
I'm going to post pictures in a couple of post just because
there really isn't any rhyme or reason to them.  
We had patty's phone with us along with two professional cameras
and a video camera.. we didn't use any of them except the phone.  I didn't 
want to carry it, honestly it was so nice to be in every single moment with
out worrying about capturing it.  We would have morning runs and end up anywhere and everywhere.  We never had a schedule.  We would pic one thing we maybe wanted to get around to doing that day and everything else was off the cuff.  A lot of pastry and croissant eating, people watching, bench sitting, Christmas markets, perfume testing, shopping and food markets.  
We did so much every day...and nothing at the same time.  ahhhhhh pure bliss.  
It really does take you about a week to adjust to being on vacation, so a 3 week holiday is such a treat.  We ended up getting to know our neighborhood Butcher and Baker quite well.  But unfortunately since we didn't use our camera's the quality and lighting of our pics suffered.  
Ah well, what can you do.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our Paris Neighborhood

We had the best neighborhood in the world.
Top of the 2nd bottom of the 9th Arrodesmont,
right off the Grand-Boulevards.  Cafe's on every-corner, the famous 
A la Mere de Famille Chocolate store was our neighbor and I could find a perfect 
crepe or macaroon up till 3 AM.  Pretty sure that's all you need.
notre quartier
Yes! that's Ina Garten and Jeffrey. 
they passed us while we were running on St. Germain.
So of course I booked it and followed her at a respectful distance
like a good New Yorker...ahhhhh they were so cute.