Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sleepy Hollow Country Club

The 338 acres of “Washington Irving” hills and woodlands that make up the Sleepy Hollow Country Club were once known as Woodlea, the country estate of Mr. Butler Wright. The former Golf House, which was situated adjacent to the north end of the pool complex, was the family residence. Later this estate was purchased by Colonel Eliot F. Shepard, husband of Cornelius Vanderbilt's granddaughter, Margaret Vanderbilt, and in 1893 the palatial home – now the main Club House – was constructed along with the magnificent stables. The plans were by Stanford White of McKim, Meade & White, and constituted one of the last works of the famous architect.
The entire estate was purchased in 1910 by Mr. William Rockefeller and Mr. Frank A. Vanderlip, who in May 1911 sold and turned it over to the organizers of The Sleepy Hollow Country Club. The following list of the first 27 directors of the corporation includes the names of leaders in the social and business life of the day. 
Every Year for the past three years Al and Susan take me to 
a Great wine-tasting party here for their
Hockey Team the Vipers.  
It's such a beautiful and historic building. 
And during Christmas it's very magical. 
The wine is excellent.